About Linda Wilkinson

I am an Engagement Marketing Specialist and SEO Health and Fitness Copywriter. What that means to you is this: I help you connect and engage with your audience through compelling blog posts and articles, consistent e-newsletters and emails, and current posts in the most effective social media channels. In other words, I take joy in helping you create two-way conversations with current and potential clients.

Nick Usborne, internationally recognized web writing and marketing expert, has this to say about my Engagement Marketing skills:

"Linda has a rare and remarkable talent as a writer. She can write web content that is informative, clear and engaging…and she can also write persuasive sales copy. Best of all, she can be informative, engaging and persuasive all in the same breath. In other words, she is the ideal writer for the social web." 

Putting My Skills to Work for You

I am passionate about helping you boost your conversion rates and increase your market share by:

  • using my interview and research skills to delve into your organization's unique story
  • writing compelling blog posts and articles, and keeping engaged with your target audience via social media, email marketing and e-newsletters
  • telling your organization's story through brand journalism

Contact me for a free consultation and learn how Engagement Marketing can help you grow your business in the Health and Fitness industry.